Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Bananas facts

1.Bananas were  found in south East Asia  and  Africa.

2.You can  find  bananas in  us  Europe ,Japan, Chile, Argentine, North  America, Cotsa Rica Honduras.

 3.Bananas are the  fruit produced by  various  banana plants  when  ripe they  are  usually long  and  curved with  a soft  inside  covered by a nice yellow  gold skin,  peel.

4.Bananas can  be found  in  different colours like  red, yellow, green and brown.

5. The banana plant is not a  tree its a 

6.Humans have grown bananas for thousands of years.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

WATL:Retell a past event.
WILF Correct sequence of events.

“No school work today we're cooking! “Miss wihongi said loudly. I thought to myself   Miss wihongi called my name  I rushed to the back of the  Class. And grabbed the gloves.
I snatched a Red potato  peeler  from the pile  I held  my  Red apple in  my other hand I started  to peel.
Fanly all  the skin is off. I quietly cut  my  apple into quarters and. I  began to cut it into thin  slices. I add my load of apples into  the huge pot. It’s ready to cook.Off to the staffroon we rushed.
I mixed sugar and  butter then flour. It looked like bread crumbs.  Singled this on top of  the stewed apple.I pushed. It into the semed  oven. It smelt like butter pecan melting slowly.I looked into the oven. the  bubbles reminded me of the deep fryer.It’s ready  whanau. Haere” mai ki  te   kai”. Miss Wihongi  said. I tanto  grab a bowl and waited for  everyone else. I  scooped a  small mouthful of  goodness. I thought. What a  beautiful